Callcredit are proud to announce partnering with the Association of Professional Financial Advisers.Callcredit logo

As a credit reference agency we specialise in providing Anti-Money Laundering and KYC compliance solutions to Independent financial advisers, appointed representatives and networks. We work with approximately 2000 businesses within the regulated sector. Callcredit has a unique insight into the financial services sector with regard to the prevention of financial crime.

What can I do?

This exclusive partnership allows you to easily verify your client's identity and meet your money laundering requirements in seconds with only the clients name and address, reducing the need to rely on paper documents. You can also carry out in-depth employee vetting to ensure compliance with the FCA's guidance.

How can I save money?

We have a variety of packages available to APFA members with typical search discount of 75% from our average book price. Offer available to new customers of Callcredit.

Subject to terms and conditions.

The products

The use of CallML and Callreport will enable you to carry out a comprehensive range of checks and meet your KYC obligations and carry out employee vetting for FCA standards.

CallML is an electronic form of ID verification which helps Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLRO's) or nominated officers to better identify suspicious transactions. It accesses a whole range of independent data sources, to perform a reliable and cost effective identity check. It includes checks against the Electoral Register (also known as the full electoral register) and a range of quality data sets, including credit account data shared between UK banks and other lenders.

Callreport enables employers to run a financial soundness check on an individual which will not affect future applications for credit. It provides access to adverse public data in the form of County Court Judgments (CCJs), Bankruptcies (BAIs) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs). It also provides six years of address history and address links which enable users to identify any bad debt at their previous addresses.

We are looking forward to working alongside APFA members to meet your regulatory requirements.

Key business benefits

  • Protect your firm from identity fraud and money laundering
  • FCA standard employee vetting
  • Highest match rates in the UK
  • Reduce operational costs by drastically reducing the need for paper based documents
  • No annual membership costs
  • Comply with customer due diligence requirements on remote clients
  • Perform PEP's and sanctions checks and identify beneficial owners
  • Access online 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Dedicated account management & training available
  • Both CallML and Callreport setup included

Introductory offering

To celebrate our partnership with APFA we are offering one free user log in during the month of November, with savings starting from £50 off book price.

How do I get started?

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