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Simply put, we help you stay protected. As Health & Safety, HR and Employment Law experts, we provide advice and support that's tailored to your business needs.

What can we do?

We'll become your partner - acting as your personal advisor whenever you need it. We're here for you when it comes to general queries or advice on specific issues. We'll also provide you with the necessary legal documentation relative to your business including a detailed Health & Safety policy, staff handbooks and contracts of employment.

From the moment you become a Citation client, take advantage of the immediate expert advice and guidance - backed up with site visits, documentation, online tools, help with PQQ's and accreditations, and our unique advice guarantee.

"Should you face an Employment Tribunal, Health & Safety prosecution or other action from an enforcing agency after adopting the systems and advice of Citation, we will pay the defence costs and employment tribunal awards up to £1.5 million per annum. There is no small print and no hidden indemnity restrictions or exclusions."

Plus, as a Citation client you will benefit from updates on the latest legislation changes that are relevant to your business.

We help your business grow - from recruitment to contracts of employment, and investing in your staff. Working together, we'll focus on the positive growth of your business, meaning you're confident when faced with visits, inspections or critique from the HSE or any other regulatory bodies.

How can I save money?

As an APFA member you'll save 15% on our normal rates. Keeping you compliant and saving you money.

How do I get started?

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