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What can I do?

My Wealth Cloud is a secure cloud based storage and sharing platform which has been built around the client. It enables enhanced collaboration and communication between your business and clients. Uniquely for the clients of the businesses, it provides them with an area to store personal documents and memorabilia for their private use.

Key features of My Wealth Cloud include:

  • An intelligent Document Management System (DMS);
  • Virtual data room;
  • Task management and reminders;
  • Reporting;
  • Auditing; and
  • Version control.

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How can My Wealth Cloud benefit my business?

Personal recommendation often influences how people choose their professional advisers. My Wealth Cloud offers your clients a unique service that will keep them talking about your business. My Wealth Cloud will benefit your business through; significantly increasing efficiency, reducing running costs, protecting your organisation's and clients' data and providing your business with a dedicated secure channel to share sensitive documents with your clients.

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How can My Wealth Cloud benefit my clients?

With MWC, you are providing your clients with a unique filing system that will help them organise all their paperwork and memorabilia securely in one place where every paper is in order, deadlock secure, easily searchable and accessible at the touch of a button.

How can I save money?

As an APFA member, you'll save in excess of 30% off our standard rate card, not counting the significant savings your business will make through My Wealth Cloud by eradicating postage, printing and stationary costs.

How do I get started?

If you are an APFA member:

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If you are not an APFA member, become a member today and reap these rewards.

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