Tackling the UK Savings Gap

APFA has been working with TISA in support of its campaign on the savings gap, known as the TISA Savings & Investments Policy (TSIP) Project.

The Project is an industry wide project driven by TISA to proactively develop strategic proposals and exert greater influence over the direction and future of the industry.

The Project aims to achieve the following:
  • Transition UK consumers from a culture of debt to one of savings.

  • Increase the overall levels of individual savings.

  • Address ‘whole of life’ savings needs, for all consumer segments.

  • Leverage savings by investing in ways that create benefits to the nation.

  • Address the industry infrastructure required to effectively deliver policy.

  • Develop policy proposals that are supported by a broad cross section of the financial services industry including trade bodies and consumer groups.

  • Shape and influence the creation of policy and regulation developed by the Government, Treasury, HMRC, DWP and FCA.
View more information about TISA's Savings & Investments Policy Project.

Download the Tackling the Savings Gap White Paper.